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Delhi to Kasol

Road trip from Delhi to Kasol, a day out in the beautiful Parvati Valley

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Kasol is a beautiful village in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located on the road to Manikaran Sahab from Bhuntar. A lot of young people go to Kasol these days for camping and nature walks, some go for a relaxed day out and some others for clicking beautiful pictures of the Parvati Valley. We planned our trip from Delhi to Kasol during this weekend.

The village is set alongside of the Parvati River, one can easily access the river side by walking mere hundred steps away from the road. There are a lot of campsites in the village along road with gardens and lawns set aside. You can enjoy a peaceful evening set with a bonfire and shining stars in the mesmerizing clear sky in the night.

Kasol Trip from Delhi

Mandi to Pandoh Dam

The journey started this weekend when we were thinking to go on a road trip to some place in the hills but away from the crowd, than a friend from Dharamshala suggested us to visit Kasol this time. We had already heard a lot of the place from other friends, so we finalized the destination. The next question was ‘how to reach Kasol?’ ; the friend from Dharamshala suggested us to reach Mandi by bus and he will then be joining us there and can continue the trip in his car.

Pandoh Dam

Pandoh Dam

We took a bus till Mandi and reached there at around 8 am in the morning, the friend from Dharamshala was already there waiting for us in the car. He suggested us to take the morning tea and refreshments near Pandoh Dam as there are beautiful views of both Dam and the hills from there. After a drive of an hour, we reached Pandoh Dam and everything that he told us was equally true. The beautiful mountains looks tall and straight from here. The beautiful lake behind the dam made me to click a few pictures here. We had our tea and breakfast here, and met a few bikers as well, who were heading towards Manali.

After taking rest for around 20 minutes we started the journey again. As close we were reaching the destination, the twisted road uphill was showing us a new landscape every time we take a turn. The snow covered mountains and hills were mesmerizing. The morning cool breeze was welcoming us making us feel fresh and energetic after a long bus journey.

Pandoh Dam to Bhuntar

After a drive of around 30 minutes, we stopped at the Hanogi Footbridge (Khahri), where we took a lot of pictures. The view was mesmerizing and luring, I loved walking on this suspension bridge so much that spent approx. 20 minutes here. A kilometer ahead was the Hanogi Mata Temple, the location of temple is very picturesque and covered around lush green mountains flowing down is the Beas River. After crossing Bhuntar 32 km ahead, we took a right turn on to the Manikaran Road. The road conditions uphill towards Manikaran was not so good, there were pit holes on the way and the road surface was missing from many places leaving on dust and dirt behind.

Bhuntar to Kasol

After a journey of an hour from Bhuntar we reached Kasol. The distance covered was around 31 km crossing the beautiful villages and the traditional old mud houses. As soon we reached Kasol, we are welcomed by the market and a series of hotels and camps after it. We chose to settle down in a camp as we had planned to enjoy the evening having bonfire and camping in this beautiful region. The camp was located to the river side and we can easily approach the river in a few footsteps.

Kasol & Manikaran

After taking some rest we walked to the market nearby looking for some stuff to buy. The market was full of colorful clothes and dresses, there were a few Italian and Indian restaurants too, and a handful of German Bakeries as well. We enjoyed our time there and came back to camp after two hours. We set up a bonfire which the camp guy helped us with and arranged food and other snacks for us. Rest of the evening was enjoyable and was full of fun with lot of dancing and karaoke sessions.

The very next morning I got up early and took a walk around near the Parvati River. The atmosphere was very peaceful and the Parvati Valley ahead of the river was looking very beautiful. I spent some time on river side until the others woke up. After sometime, we drove to the Manaikaran Sahib and took a holy dip in the Natural Hot Water there. There were separate room for men and women. There was a small pool outside there in which people had kept rice and potatoes to boil those. After visiting the temple nearby and having out breakfast we started our journey back to Mandi and then Delhi from there.

The overall experience for our trip from Delhi to Kasol was very good, it was a nice peaceful stay in Kasol with some of the most picturesque destinations. The market was also amazing due to the some good cuisine restaurants and amazing clothing’s. The experience of sitting by the River Parvati was also great, I even don’t have words to explain it. The holy dip in Manikaran was soothing and relaxing, it is said that bathing in natural sulphur waters is beneficial medically as well. It boosts blood circulation, relieves paid and cures skin problems too.

Delhi to Kasol distance

The total distance from Delhi to Kasol is around 527 km and a road trip to Kasol could be completed in approx 11 hours. You could reach Kasol from Delhi by car or by bus until Bhuntar and taxi/local transport bus until Kasol.

Delhi - Ambala
202 km
Ambala - Kiratpur Sahib
108 km
Kiratpur Sahib - Bilaspur
61 km
Bilaspur - Mandi
50 km
Mandi - Bhuntar
75 km
Bhuntar - Kasol
31 km
Delhi - Kasol
527 km

Kasol Trip Photos

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