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Manimahesh Yatra 2018

Manimahesh Yatra 2018, Dates & the Route

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Manimahesh Yatra 2018

Manimahesh Yatra is held every year in the month of August or September. Devotees trek for two days to take a freezing dip in the sacred Manimahesh Lake, known for the home of Lord Shiva. Schedule for the Manimahesh Yatra 2018 is as, starting from the auspicious day of Shri Krishna Janmashtami on 26th August 2018. Yatra will be held for 15 days and will end on auspicious occasion of Radha Ashtami on 17th September 2018 with festivities and Bada Snan held at Manimahesh Lake. The trek to Manimahesh starts from Hadsar near Bharmour, located in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh.

From Chamba, a twisting mountain road winds up to the ancient village of Bharmour, known as the capital of the of Chamba region until AD 920. There are beautiful temples and treks to surrounding mountain passes in this region. Chaurasi temple in Bharmour is one of the finest in Himachal Pradesh and can be reached through the bazaar leading uphill from the taxi stand. Built in the classic stone-shikhara style, the temple is spread over a courtyard that doubles as a classroom for local schools. Highlights of the temple are the lofty Manimahesh Temple, built in the 6th century AD, and the Lakshna Devi Temple, featuring an eroded but wildly carved wooden doorway.

Manimahesh Yatra 2018 Helicopter Update

For the upcoming Manimahesh Yatra 2018, two helicopter operators - Aryan Aviation Pvt Ltd and UTair India Pvt Ltd will start flights between Bharmour and Gauri Kund, nearly 1km short of Manimahesh Lake.

Date of Commencement: 25th Aug 2018 to 19th Sept 2018

Bharmour – Gourikund (oneway) – Rs 2900/-(All inclusive)
Gourikund – Bharmour (oneway) – Rs 2900/-(All inclusive)
Bharmour – Gourikund – Bharmour – Rs 5800/-(All inclusive)

Manimahesh Yatra 2018 Helicopter booking is now started. You can book tickets online here:
Ticket booking for Manimahesh yatra

Manimahesh Yatra

Thousands of Hindu pilgrims complete the trek to the sacred Lake during the Manimahesh Yatra every year. Prior to the main yatra in late August or September, a fair is held in Bharmour with folk dances and the celebrations attended by the villagers and other pilgrims. Following the ceremony, the head priests lead the pilgrims from Bharmour to Manimahesh Lake. Although, nowadays pilgrims can drive to the trailhead at Hadsar. Beyond Hadsar the well-defined trail and a numbers of dhabas at Dhanchho and Sundrashi makes your trek easy, you will also find basic pilgrim shelters here. It is not appropriate to stay overnight at Manimahesh Lake (4170m/13680ft) unless you are habitual or well acclimatised.

Manimahesh Yatra 2018 Permits & Regulations

There is no special permit for the yatra, however, you may be requested to register your personal details at Bharmour.

Manimahesh Yatra 2018 Route & Trek

Day 1: Hadsar to Dhanchho (3 hours, 7km)

This is a start to an ancient pilgrim trail of Manimahesh Yatra. The trail winds up through a forest of oak and pine to the grassland at Dhanchho. The well established camps at Dhanchho are the best place to rest and acclimatise before ascending to Manimahesh Lake, as well as taking in the fine views of the Pir Panjal Range.

Before starting the trek (yatra) from Hadsar (2150m/7054ft), climb up the stone steps above the bazaar and reach the temple where prayers are made. The well-defined trail along the Manimahesh River winds up through mixed forest to a series of green meadows. After crossing the bridge 5km ahead of Hadsar, take a right turn and ascend 2km to the series of dhabas and camps at Dhanchho (2900m/9514ft).

Day 2: Dhanchho to Manimahesh Lake & Return (7 hours, 16km)

From Dhanchho, cross the bridge over the Manimahesh River to the left of the valley, and than a right after crossing a wooden bridge 2km ahead. Follows a long climb, as the trail ascends through flowered meadows. Two hours after leaving Dhanchho, there is a line of dhabas (3600m/11,810ft) at Sundrashi from where the final trail to Manimahesh Lake is visible. After an hour you will see an impressive waterfall flowing from the lake. A number of dhabas and camps are here, where pilgrims prepare for the final stage to the lake. It is a further 1.5km steep ascent to Manimahesh Lake (4170m/13,681ft). The beautiful location of the lake – opposite to the Manimahesh Kailash Peak would inspire you.

After taking a holy dip in the lake, the descent back to Dhanchho takes around three hours.

Day 3: Dhanchho to Hadsar (2½–3 hours, 7km)

The return trek to Hadsar from Dhanchho can be done in the morning, with plenty of time to return to Bharmour and Chamba.

Manimahesh Yatra 2017 Images

Manimahesh Yatra 2018

Start Date 26 August, 2018
End Date 17 September, 2018
Duration 3 days
Distance (up-down) 30km
Difficulty Easy
Start/Finish Hadsar
Nearest Town Bharmour
Summary Follow the pilgrim trail to holy lake during the Manimahesh Yatra

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Manimahesh Yatra 2018
Manimahesh Lake, Hadsar,Bharmour,Chamba, Himachal Pradesh-176315
Starting on
August 26, 2018
Ending on
September 17, 2018
Thousands of Hindu pilgrims complete the trek to the sacred Manimahesh Lake during the yatra every year. Prior to the main yatra, a fair is held in Bharmour with folk dances and the celebrations attended by the villagers and other pilgrims. Following the ceremony, the head priests lead the pilgrims from Bharmour to Manimahesh Lake.

40 thoughts on “Manimahesh Yatra 2018, Dates & the Route”

  • Vijay Saini says:

    Manimahesh jaane k liye amarnath yatra ki tarah medical karwana padta h kya

    • Himanshu says:

      Hello Vijay,

      Medical Test is not necessary for Manimahesh Yatra as per government rule. But than also, you must take advice from your doctor before going for Manimahesh Yatra.
      (मणिमहेश यात्रा के लिए मेडिकल टेस्ट करवाना जरुरी नहीं है। फिर भी आप एक बार अपने डॉक्टर से सलाह ले लें, और एक बेसिक जांच करवा लें। ).

      In case if feel, short of oxygen while on high mountain areas, you can buy and keep this portable oxygen can with you while on the yatra.

  • Rahul Tanwar says:

    Oct 20 se Oct 30 tkk ka time Yatra jari rahti hai kya vkt vhn ja skte hai ??

    • Himanshu says:

      यात्रा 10 सितम्बर के बाद बंद हो जायेगी। फिर भी आप चाहें तो अक्टूबर में जा सकते हैं, परन्तु उस समय आपको रहने के लिए टेंट और खाने का सामान खुद ले जाना पड़ेगा।

  • Rintu chandra says:

    Can i go to manimahesh after 15th october

    • Himanshu says:

      Hello Rintu,
      Yes you can go after 15th October, but there you will find no arrangements for accommodation or food, you will be on your own. So I suggest if you can take a porter with you to carry tent and other essentials.

  • sreeradha s j says:


    • Himanshu says:

      Sorry Sir, we do not provide packages or do travel arrangements.
      This is an Informational post & you can ask anything related to Manimahesh Yatra.

  • Rakesrakeshtrehan810@gmai says:

    Pathankot se Bas Mai Jana thik hai?

    • Himanshu says:

      पठानकोट से आप आराम से बस से जा सकते हैं भरमौर तक। भरमौर से आप शेयर जीप या टैक्सी के ले कर हड़सर पहुँच सकते हैं। हड़सर से मणिमहेश झील की दुरी 13km है, जो आपको पैदल करनी होती है।

  • Puneet Bhatnagar says:

    Hi Himanshu, very useful information.. Agar hum 15-20 September me travel karte hai to kya tent aur baki suvidha mil jayegi ya phir 10 september ke baad sab band ho jayega?

    • Himanshu says:

      10 सप्तरम्बर के बाद आपको टेन्ट और बाकी सुविधाएं जाएंगी। परन्तु सिर्फ कुछ जगह पे ही मिल पाएगी। यात्रा के समय ज्यादा सुविधाएं होती हैं।

    • Ragha Mahajan says:

      bhai 18 september tak yatra chalni hai...kyuki yatra jananashtami se shuru hoti hai or radha ashtami ko khatam hoti hai...or radha ashtami 18 ko hai...

  • Lekh Raj Parihar says:

    Can we go on yatra on 20 August this year? Will there be arrangements enroute around 20 August?

    • Himanshu says:

      Yes, you can go around 20th August, arrangements will be there as tents and food establishments starts 8-10 days before the yatra starts.

  • Anuj says:

    I am planning to go around 15 Aug. Will there be arrangements available enroute. Is there any registration process like we have for amaranth yatra.

    • Himanshu says:

      Hello Anuj,
      No there is no registration required for Manimahesh Yatra. Arrangements starts gathering 8-10 days before the yatra dates, but still you will find a few options. It is advised to bring some eatables with you if you wont be able to find some en route. Also, please check with the local guys in Bharmour about the arrangements once you reach, so that you can bring things accordingly with you.

  • Suman Sharma says:

    Thanks for very important informations. Being a female is this necessary that we booked our tents etc before coming .. or just come with our backpack ..

    • Himanshu says:

      Hi, You do not need to book the tents in advance as you will find a lot of shared tents on the way, and you can book those whenever you feel like to take a halt. Main spots for night stay are Dhanchho & Sundrashi on the way.

  • Lucky says:

    Sir is baar kiya halal thik rhe gye barish bhut ho rhi hai is liye
    Baraf to nhi hogi kiya is baar

  • Seh dev says:

    Sir what is the actual main starting date of manimhesh yatra

  • Anuj says:

    How's the weather condition in bharmour. I am planning to come bharmour by 15 aug afternoon for manimahesh yatra. Please suggest.

  • Anuj says:

    Yes ofcourse we can't predict weather. I just want to know is raining heavily there? Roads are open for traffic ? Is administration allowing the pilgrimage?

    • Himanshu says:

      Yes roads are open for traffic and administration is also allowing the pilgrimage. Rains are also there but not that much to avoid the pilgrimage.

  • Anuj says:

    Thank you so much Himanshu for sharing this valuable information.

  • Jimmy Solanki says:

    Thank you for share very useful information .. 🙂

  • jaggu says:

    sir.muje saans ki problem aa jati mera jana thik hoga manimahesh

    • Himanshu says:

      Manimahesh jaane ke liye 13km ki paidal yatra hai, aap apne doctor se ek baar is baare mein baat kar sakte hain, aur agar vo allow karte hain to aap ja sakte hain. emergency ke liye aap ye chhota oxygen can saath mein le ja sakte hain.

  • Pankaj says:

    Is it possible to go on Yatra in the month of October..

    • Himanshu says:

      Yes you can visit Manimahesh Lake in the month of October, the only thing is the basic amenities and the tented accommodations are mostly organized during Yatra period only.

  • Deepak Bhaskar Azad says:

    chamba ya hadsar may rahene ka kya intjam hai

    • Himanshu says:

      Hadsar mein aapko rahne ke liye jyada koi options nahi mileinge. Hadsar se 12km pehle Bharmour hai, Manimahesh Yatra ke liye main stop vahi hai. Aapko vahaan rahne ke liye hotels, guest houses mil jaayeinge.

  • Pankaj Kumar, Udhampur, J & K says:

    Kaya Hum 13th September ko ManiMahesh ko Jaa Sakete Hain. Aour Hadsar main rukene ke laeye hotel mil saketa hai.

    • Himanshu says:

      13 सितम्बर को आप मणिमहेश जा सकते हैं। रहने के लिए भरमौर में प्रबंध मिल जाएगा, आपको गेस्ट हाउस और होटल मिल जाएंगे। हड़सर से मणिमहेश के बीच रास्ते में धन्छो और सुंदराशि में रहने का प्रबंध मिलेगा।

  • Vishal Kaushik says:

    We are planning for manimaheh yatra on 22nd of september . Is it possible to do so or what about the food as well as stay facilities for the same dates . Pls tell about the same ASAP.

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