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Kullu Dussehra

Kullu Dussehra Festival in Himachal Pradesh

Kullu in Himachal Pradesh is famous for its beautiful and colorful Kullu Dussehra festival and hold an important place. The festival of Dussehra is of much importance, as depicted in the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana. Dussehra celebrates the victory of Lord Rama over the rakshasa Ravana. Dussehra is a symbol of victory of good over evil.


Local traditions add their own spice and fun to this festival. Kullu Dussehra was started in the 17th century. A Brahmin priest was accidentally caused to death by Raja Jagat Singh. He than brought the idol of deity Raghunath (Lord Rama) from the holy town of Ayodhya, which is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Rama. Raja Jagat Singh than established the idol on his throne and pledged that Raghunath ji will rule the Kullu from then on.

From that day, Lord Raghunath ji invites all the local gods and deities of the valley to celebrate Dussehra in Kullu. Around 250 to 300 local deities including Hadimba Devi from Manali and Jamlu Rishi from Malana, gathers to celebrate Dussehra. Big handcarts (buggy) carries the deities from their temples. They gather at the Dhalpur Maidan in a cheerful parade (yatra) accompanied by the energetic beat of drums.

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Schedule of Kullu Dussehra 2018

Dussehra Festival will start from the auspicious occasion of Vijayadashami on 19th October 2018 and will end on 25th October 2018. Seven Days long festivities consists of a huge carnival and a lot of local rituals and traditions. Dussehra festival will be held at Dhalpur Maidan, Kullu. Main highlights of the mela bazaar are the famous Kullu Shawls and top and the woolen socks that are being wove by local women and is a major part of hand loom in Kullu. Local troops will perform traditional Nati dance and a few renowned singers and artists also perform during festivities.

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 Kullu Dussehra Festival in Himachal Pradesh
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Kullu Dussehra Festival in Himachal Pradesh
Kullu in Himachal Pradesh is famous for its beautiful and colorful Kullu Dussehra. These traditions started back in the 17th century by Raja Jagat Singh.
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