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Bijli Mahadev Trek

Bijli Mahadev Trek, Kullu [Trekking in Himachal]

The Kullu Valley is centrally located in Himachal Pradesh on either sides of the River Beas. Kullu valley is famous for its natural beauty, snow covered mountain peaks and a large number of temples. Kullu is also known as the "Valley of the Gods" or "Dev Bhumi" - around 200 local gods and dities from different temples in surrounding region meet here on the occasion of Dussehra Festival. The Dussehra Festival held in Kullu is famous in entire world, people from different parts of country and foreigners come here to see the Dussehra celebrations. There are several important temples in the surrounding hills, one of these is the Bijli Mahadev which could be accessed by famous Bijli Mahadev Trek.

Bijli Mahadev Temple

Bijli Mahadev Temple, dedicated to the "Lord of Lightning", 18 km to the southeast of Kullu. Located on a hill top that overlooks the sacred confluence of the Beas and Parvati rivers. The temple is on the left bank of the River Beas, opposite the town. Bijli Mahadev is known for its extraordinary stone Shiv Lingam. This temple has a 20m high pole which attracts lightning during thubderstorms in spring. This is regarded as a divine blessing, even though it shatters the stone Shiva lingam inside the temple. The shivling is than glued back together with a mortar of butter and grain by the head priest. From the temple, there are spectacular panoramic views of the Kullu and Parvati valleys and Himachal’s highest peaks.

Bijli Mahadev Trek

To go to Bijli Mahadev Trek, one has to first reach Kullu from Delhi or other places. Then head towards to Akhara Bazaar road and then to Kullu Manali bypass road crossing the bridge over Beas River. Just after crossing the bridge take a left hand side turn uphill towards the Chansari Village which is 21 km from here. There is a parking place in the Chansari village where you can park your car and start the trek from here.

From Chansari a trek of 3 kms has to be done to reach Bijli Mahadev. Time taken will be 2-3 hours and you can take 2-3 stops on the way. A number of small shops will be available en route the trek where you can get cold drinks and refreshments. The trekking will start with initial walking and a little of climbing and later well-constructed steps. After steps, a plain lush green ground will welcome you where you can sit back and relax for hours.

2-3 hours
Trek: 3 km
Chansari Village
21 km drive to Chansari Village from Kullu and than 3 km trek to Bijli Mahadev

For those who can not trek and want to go to Bijli Mahadev, there is one more motorable road from Naggar side via Jana Waterfall. Though, the road is not broad or well made but you can travel in small motor vehicles in this route safely. Some choose to take motor cycles as preferred mode of transportation.

photo credit: Anuj Malik

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Bijli Mahadev Trek, Kullu [Trekking in Himachal]
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Bijli Mahadev Trek, Kullu [Trekking in Himachal]
Bijli Mahadev, dedicated to the “Lord of Lightning”, located southeast of Kullu.To go to Bijli Mahadev Trek, take a uphill drive towards Chansari Village.
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