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WOO Adventures shares an insight into Overlanding

Always travel in the roads less taken, they are often filled up with more intriguing elements awaiting your glimpses!

WOO Adventures

Whether you are a die-hard traveller or just an occasional one, you might have always commuted from one place to another majorly through flights or trains. Isn’t it? Well, I know that’s true!

Let me ask you something. Has a thought of making your journey full of thrill and excitement struck your mind? If no, then you have perfectly landed at a safe place as here you are going to have a look at a highly distinct way of travelling- Overlanding.

You might be thinking on what is ‘WOO’ that has been mentioned in the first sentence of this write-up. Well, WOO Adventures is undefinable in a single word or just a phrase since it is much more. Some say, it is a perfect hub for the adventure enthusiasts and likeminded travellers while others say that is perfect for knitting an array of moments as you get up closer with the world. But, if you ask me about the same I would rather mention that WOO is an apt fusion of fun as well as adventure with a literally different way of travelling i.e. Overlanding, Trekking and Wildlife expeditions.

Its amazing troop of adventure geniuses has left no stone unturned in getting out the best itineraries and travel plans perfectly suiting the preferences even of a budgetarian traveller. Personally, I loved the concept and I didn’t know that travelling even to the international destinations via car would be possible. Never knew such a thing really exists! But, with the prevalence of WOO I can definitely say- 'yes it exists'.

I recently had a confab with the WOO team and on having a word with them, I came to know about a huge number of things which I can’t even list here because they literally are endless, trust me! However, I have brought up an insight to the opinions’ exchange that we did with Mr. Vishal Gogia (CEO and Founder, WOO Adventures) and Mr. Girish Vats (Co-founder, WOO Adventures) through the showcase of the questions I asked them. Have a look on what all they have to tell about this gigantic setup!

  1. What exactly is Overlanding?

    Overlanding is massively unique and we are quite sure majority of the people weren’t even aware about it before we stepped into the market. So basically, if we go on its name and try to define it, we can say that Overlanding refers to ‘travelling a distance over land’. Here, the emphasis is majorly given to the journey rather than solely the destination.

    Those self-reliant adventurers who are seeking for a good number of opportunities in order to explore the best out of this world then nothing can suit them more than an Overlanding expedition. Actually, what we must recommend every traveller is that they should experience the art of self-driving at least once in their lifetime since this concept will promise you a very different memory while exploring the unexplored areas of varied regions.

    You can sum up the meaning of Overlanding as a somewhat longer but highly adventurous road trip between countries, cities or states!

  2. Is it really different from other modes of journeying?
    Self-driving has always stood as a very different mode of journey than the others due to the presence of abundant benefits. Don’t you think that while traveling through flights which monotonously start from a point and end at a concluding destination makes you miss everything in between? While being indulged in a plane ride, what all you witness is just a cluster of clouds and buildings/houses looking like a toy from your window. However, if we talk about Overlanding here, we can ensure that you are going to enjoy each and every bit during the journey.

    On briefing we shall list some of the most obvious advantages associated with this commendable mode of journeying:

    • The whole tour is yours and thus, you are free to decide the way you want to undertake your travel according to your personality as well as the style of travelling. Independently choose your own adventure! Whether it is a van, car, bike or just a cycle you can easily self-drive through that vehicle too.
    • As it is majorly entailed, you will now be able to focus more on your journey. But how? Well, yes while driving on the roads, you can stop at any place of your choice, gaze at its beauty for as much time you want! Take whatever road you want and get to see even the isolated regions of the province you are travelling in.
    • Talking about our most favourite good thing about Overlanding are the innumerable opportunities of communicating with the locales. While getting your vehicle filled up with fuel or during the purchase of food or other things, you can have a talk with the locales there and get to know more about their culture as well as traditions.
    • The most important thing that you learn by overlanding is relying on yourself. Truly, some things may go wrong during your Overlanding expedition but the art of sorting them out on your own and figuring out the solutions as well will get well into your veins.
    • Overlanding is a happiness in itself! You get to make new friends, camp in the wild, cook without even having a full kitchen, drive to lesser known places. It has everything you need to know for changing your perspective about travelling. The secret to leading a happy and content life lies in Overlanding.

  3. Where did the idea of Self-drive come from?

    Yes, Overlanding is literally an eccentric concept and during its introduction, we were impressed on the first go.

    The concept of commuting from one place to another via roads has been hailing since ages, however the sole thing that has been changed is the reason behind it. During the bygone era, it was undertaken as a necessity but nowadays, Overlanding is rather considered to be a recreational activity.

    We have already participated in a good number of notable road trips since we always had a worm that always poked us to undertake road expeditions from one country to another or cross-border. As our trips started to increase and on noting the experience we had while driving on those highways was undoubtedly wonderful, we thought to introduce it amongst the prevalent public.

    The idea generation for Overlanding was done by WOO team when we were out in the market for some research. We had a talk with many locales there and while explaining them about this concept, what all we could figure out were their astonishing expressions. At first they didn’t believe that travelling from one country to another can also be done via roads but as we continued they started showing huge interest in this topic.

    They started considering our idea as highly intriguing and an exciting one. On witnessing such a pragmatic response from the audience gave us huge guts and confidence to launch WOO Adventures!

  4. What is the current market scenario of self-drive and how is WOO going to change it?

    Talking on a whole, the international market is already considered to be a connoisseur of Overlanding. They have strategically seen it evolve! Well, we Indians have also seen it from the very starting but never intended to transform it into an amusing activity. On comparing the awareness about Self- drive amongst Indians to that of the foreigners, it can be notified that we are far behind in this race. Thus, there exists a dire need for us to spread this concept and create our identity in the minds of the audience as soon as possible.

    WOO team intends to change the way Indians travel. We don’t want them to just drive from one place to another, instead we also want them to experience every element during the expedition. Presently, our geniuses are indulged in bringing out an active online booking module where the travellers shall grab a chance to showcase their travelling needs and we shall then act according to their preferences. However, we already have a good number of tailor made itineraries as well as travelling packages set as per the needs of every expeditioner.

    On summarising, the sole thing we would say is that we are looking forward to make India’s population ‘a self-drive freak’. India is truly a nation of very active people and thus, there are surely not going to have any kind of issues in trying out overlanding as long as it is filled up with thrill and excitement.

  5. How is WOO Adventures better if compared with other tour operators?
  6. We are not at all indulged in practicing the same manner that other tour operators are following. WOO is something different! We not only want you to travel towards a place, instead we want you to go deep into its soul and dig out something more interesting than merely a sightseeing stuff.

    If any traveller is going to get associated with us, then there is a need for him/her to note that we are not at all going to present you the traditional sightseeing tours or other similar excursions.

    Also, we are not at all looking forward to try out your driving skills on the rugged terrains or the uneven roads. Instead, what all we are going to give you is something extraordinary. Being with us means that you will be witnessing the scenic and heartthrob beauty of the isolated regions as well as the serenity filled highways. Apart from that, it is also noteworthy that each of our vehicle is equipped with safety features with the sole aim of ensuring your security during the journey irrespective of the destination you are headed towards.

    “Every person has an adventure in him, you just have to take out the best out of it’’, says WOO Adventures. Well, I am heavily inspired and already filled up with a high amount of interest that is only going to be satisfied when I am going to get my travel needs fulfilled by them. Sounds great!

    So, in case you are the one who is a keen lover of outdoors and not at all want to feel bounded by time schedules then nothing can stop you from opting some majorly favoured Self-Drive overland tour packages which are specially crafted as per your preferences in WOO adventures (World of Overland Adventures). They are highly eminent in organizing Self-Drive in India with the usage of some finely made Self-Drive holiday packages which are no far from being able to be considered as the most perfect Self-drive packages which would undoubtedly end your search for the utmost satisfaction. Apart from this, you can also have a look at WOO’s Leh Ladakh self-drive tour packages and other relatable packages ready to groove in no time!

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     WOO Adventures shares an insight into Overlanding
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    WOO Adventures shares an insight into Overlanding
    Overlanding refers to ‘travelling a distance over land’. Here, the emphasis is majorly given to the journey rather than solely the destination.
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    WOO Adventures
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  • AMIT says:

    Amazing concept to explore places skipping train and flight journey. I always believe that traveling is not only visiting famous tourist spots as every place has so much things to offer and still the concept of overlanding is not that much popular in India comparing to Western world. Glad to know about you guys who have finally started this and I wish you all the best. I am a vivid traveler and soon shall be touch base with you for one of your trips.

  • Minakshi says:

    Highly informative content.... i am very excited to be a part of this team!!!! Looks amazing 🙂

  • Sumit Kumar says:

    Thanks for the great information. I love to travel and this idea is just awesome.

  • Syed Faizan Ali says:

    I'm reading about the concept of Overlanding and I'm already a fan! Hat's off to WOO for having such an interesting activity as an escapade from my university routine.

    Greg Anderson rightly sums up my emotions after reading this piece,
    "Focus on the journey not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but doing it!"

    Hat's off to the team of WOO for giving such a lovely concept.

  • Nitisha Krishnan says:

    Such a different technique of travelling from one place to another. I didn't know journeying from one country to other or cross-border can be completed via roads! Hatsssss offfffff.... WOO Adventures! Keep it up.

    I am highly impressed.

  • Rohit Premchandani says:

    Great work astha

  • Mohit rana says:

    Concept is dope. I wish to travel with you guys.
    The writer really explained well .
    wish you luck .

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